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Random Guest Review

Random Guest Review

Chinese Group

It can be said that it is amazing

I haven't written a long comment for a long time, just anything in my mind: Tammy is very enthusiastic and very responsible. The manager Joe and the butler Bom are both handsome and warm and friendly If English is not good, they will try their best to find a way to communicate with you. Every staff member is very friendly. The house is the same as the photo, even better than the photo, it can be said that it is amazing. The room is super clean! The scenery is pleasant, the privacy is very good, and it is close to the beach. Elephant Camp, Oasis SPA, Surfing Bar. There are also many restaurants, cafes, small bars and supermarkets. Every morning, Bom will clean the leaves in the pool. There will be a maid to clean the room at breakfast, and the bed will be arranged at dinner time. Curtains laid down, drive away mosquitoes, and then there is a fragrance of lemon in the house. There is a handmade soap on the sink, it seems to be rice, super good smell! The Thai food made by the chef is still very good. We have two children on this trip. There was a little accident, I made a small birthday party for the children. Joe and Bom are working hard to help us as much as possible. Thank you very much. We all Very satisfied, they praise me choosing a particularly good house My friends are asking what hotel I stay. If have a chance, we will definitely stay again

October 2018