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Frequently asked questions, and their answers...

How do we check if our dates are available?

Using our Reservations page to submit your enquiry will allow us to check our planner to see if your preferred dates are available. If they are, our reply will also include pricing for your group, based on the information provided to us. If the dates are not available, we'll inform you of the closest alternative dates. Live Chat is not the place to check availability.

Can we bring more than 12 people in our group?

Our villa is configured to accommodate upto 12 guests across 6 bedrooms very comfortably. We've set the maximum guest capacity to 16, including any infants, as both our villa and our staff have their limits. If your group consists of all adults, with no children or infants, then 12 is the maximum guest capacity. That being said, we try to be as flexible as possible. Use our Reservations page to check if your group would be accepted.

How much does it cost for extra guests?

Please have a look at our Rates page to check the costs for additional/extra guests. The prices differ between seasons.

How do we get to the villa?

Airport Transfer / Pickup: We collect you from Phuket International Airport, or any hotel on Phuket if you're already here. We provide 1 minibus for pickup and return (roundtrip), included in the rental fee. If your group is over 12 guests, you are likely to need more than 1 minibus (ie. secondary vehicle), especially if you've got lots of luggage. A minibus can seat upto 13 guests, but the luggage has to fit somewhere too. Extra minivans are available are 1,200THB, one-way. These are often required when your group has split arrival times due to arriving on different flights.

What time can we arrive at the villa?

You're welcome to arrive any time after 3:00PM (15:00). If you need to arrive earlier than 3:00PM (15:00), it might be possible, but only if you give us enough notice, and if your arrival doesn't conflict with any departing group. The earliest possible arrival time that we can offer, without you incurring another days rental fee, is 12:00PM (12:00).

What time do we have to depart by?

You should depart no later than 12:00PM (12:00). If you need to stay later than 12:00PM (12:00), it might be possible, but only if you give us enough notice, and if your departure doesn't conflict with any other arriving group. The latest possible departure time that we can offer, without you incurring another part or full days rental fee, is 3:00PM (15:00).

Can we arrive early and depart late?

Sorry, no. We will only offer an early arrival or a late departure, not both, and must be organised before your arrival at the villa. Unplanned or extended late departures are solely at the discretion of our villa manager.

Can some of our group check in before others?

Yes they can, so long as they're not arriving before the agreed arrival time.

How do we arrange our arrival day with you?

We try to make your arrival day go as smoothly as possible. We have a very detailed Arrivals page for guests getting close to their arrival date.

Can you store/hold our luggage for a few hours?

Yes. Our villa manager can store your luggage whilst you spend time at the local shops, restaurants etc. But, please note that you don't have general access to the villa before you're checked in or after you've checked out. We have spare toilets for you to use if you need them, but there's no access to hot showers / dressing rooms after you've checked out.

Do you have any spare bedding or spare bedrooms available?

Yes, we have 3 sets and the costs for extra bedding / extra guests are shown on our Rates page. Spare bedding is made up for additional guests comprising of mattress, sheets and pillows. The spare bedding must join into one or more of the bedrooms and cannot be used in the lounge or other general rooms without prior consent from our villa manager.

We also have a spare bedroom for up to 2 more guests. The room is air-conditioned, en-suite with toilet, wash basin and shower (no bath tub) and has 1 x double bed and 1 x single bed, catering for 1 couple or 2 singles. Details and photos are presented here and pricing is shown on our Rates page.

Do you have any baby cots for infant to use?

We do. There are usually 3 baby cots available in the villa. They are basic, and easy to move from room to room.

Do you have any baby sitting service at the villa?

Whilst it's not our staff's role to look after your children, all of the staff love taking care and enjoy being around children in general. Ask our villa manager to see if any of the staff are available to look after your children whilst you go on a day or evening out. Reward them directly for their extra service.

Does the transport have baby seats?

Sorry, no. The minivan transport does not usually provide baby seats like those you can typically find in family vehicles. If you have your own baby seats and want to bring them with you, they can usually be fitted to the minivan seating quite easily.

Do you include breakfasts?

No. But we do have breakfast chefs to cook your morning meals. The chefs are included in the rental fee, but the groceries purchased for your group throughout your stay are recorded and paid for before your departure.

What about lunch and evening dinner?

Like breakfasts, we have chefs to cook your meals, and the groceries required for your group are bought and paid for before your departure.

Who collects the groceries for our meals?

Our chefs and/or our villa manager collect and purchase everything you need or request during your stay, from groceries, snacks and soft drinks, through beers wines and spirits. Just let our staff know what you need, and the items will be picked up on the next trip to the shops or market.

How much should we budget for groceries?

Every group has a different set of food preferences. In general, we recommend considering a budget of 750-1,250 Thai Baht per/person per/day, based on a 3-meal day. Of course, you'll want to eat out too, but the food served in the villa is of a very high standard.

Can your chefs cater for people with food allergies?

Yes. During the pre-arrival conversations, please tell us what items you're allergic to, and how and if your meals should be cooked differently to others. We will then inform our chefs.

Can you cater for vegetarian, vegans, halal, etc?

Yes. During the pre-arrival conversations, please tell us how your meals differ compared to other guests. We will inform our chefs and they will be able to offer you suitable alterantive meal choices.

Are there any service charges to be aware of?

There is a 10% service charge added to the grocery bill at the end of your stay. This covers the time and transport costs to collect the groceries used during your stay.

Is the villa suitable for the elderly and wheelchairs?

Not really. The villa is split across an number of levels, and there are lightly-inclined concrete steps from the reception area to the lounge, and a few conrete steps between the lounge and main-level bedrooms. Elderly guests who can walk whilst helped by someone else are usually okay. If someone is completely wheelchair-bound, there are likely to be difficulties. Contact us and ask to see some photos of the steps around the villa.

Can you organise trips and excursions for us?

Absolutely. Our villa manager has every attraction that you can possibly find in Phuket. And he usually has some discounts for them too! His options are available in-villa, but not available here on our website.

Can we have massages at the villa?

Yes. Our villa manager will call to find available massage staff and have them scheduled to arrive at the villa in time for your massage. Costs vary and our villa manager has them listed for you at the villa.

Do you have any childrens toys or inflatables at the pool?

Some. Previous guests often buy them, then leave them behind. Items left behind in good condition are kept in a storage unit. There are plenty of local shops selling all kinds of active inflatables for fun in the pool. If you need something new or specific, ask our villa manager to take you to find something suitable.

Does the villa have WiFi?

Yes, we've got a decent internet connection. WiFi is accessible in the lounge (for best connection), and usually accessible around the swimming pool and the outside dining area too. WiFi is also accessible in the bedrooms, due to the additional wireless networking in place.

Does the villa have a landline telephone?

Sorry, no we don't have a landline telephone any more. We have Fibre Internet, which removed our need for the old landline technology.

Do the bedrooms have aircon?

Yes, all bedrooms are air-conditioned.

Do the bedrooms have room safes / safe boxes?

Yes, all bedrooms are have a coded room safe in the the bedroom.

Do we need to learn any Thai language?

Our villa manager speaks English very well, and he's the person you interact with the most. So, no, you don't need to use any Thai language in our villa, but it's always good to know how to say 'thank you' in the local language. Most of the people on Phuket that have anything to do with tourism have a good understanding of English, and can usually speak it quite well.

Whats your address, how can we find you?

Please see our Location page. It has everything you need to find us.

Can we have your phone number?

Guests are provided with our villa manager's phone number a few days before arrival. We don't provide our phone number for guest or agent enquiries, as all booking enquiries are actioned through email or Live Chat.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Our primary and preferred method of payment is direct bank transfer. We also allow payments via PayPal, but with 4% surcharge to cover some of the PayPal processing fees.

How do we confirm our booking?

Our reservations staff will discuss your booking and provide you with final costs for your group. A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your stay. The final amount will be reminded to you around 2-months before arrival, so that it can be settled no later than 1-month before arrival. Any booking confirmed within 2 months of arrival requires full immediate payment (no deposit and final payment).

Can we get a discount?

Our rates have been split into 4-Bed and 6-Bed options so that you get a better rental rate when you're using less of the villa's resources. Discounts, offers and deals are sometimes available. Submit your enquiry, and we can discuss.

Do you have any last-minute deals, promotions or offers?

Yes. Sometimes. Submit your enquiry, and we can discuss.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes we do. It's shown at the bottom of our Rates page.

Do you request a security deposit from us upon arrival?

Under normal circumstances, no we don't. Large groups, such as Wedding Receptions or Batchelor Parties, might be good examples where we do request a security deposit.

Do you have any Yoga classes at the villa?

Yes, our villa manager has Yoga Instructors available that come to the villa. They usually charge about 1,800 THB per/hour, but can depend on the instructor available. Classes need to be booked at least 24hrs in advance, and can only be booked after arriving at the villa (as our villa manager deals with your requests). If the usual instructor is not available, we try to find you an alternative. There's usually a couple of Yoga mats (exercise mats) at the villa, but we don't keep a stock of them. They're available for you to purchase at many of the minimarts (ie. Tesco Express, Big C, etc) for around 300-400 THB each, or we can buy them for you upon request.

Can you arrange transport to move us around?

We have a list of professional minivan/minibus drivers who are available for daily hire at 2,500 THB per day + gasoline, driver included. Best suited for upto 12 guests per minivan. These drivers are great for having transport to take you where ever you want. Usually available for 8-10hrs a day (check when booking) and over-time is always available at an agreed rate, or bigger tip!


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