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We have annual seasonal rates.

Our 4-BED rate caters for upto 8 Guests, whilst our 6-BED rate caters for upto 12 Guests.
For more than 12 Guests, see the Spare Bedroom or Extra Guests sections below.

  • Rate Per/Night
    Period 4-Bed 6-Bed
    May to Nov May to November
    Minimum Stay: 2 Nights
    $1,100 USD
    ฿37,840 THB
    $1,200 USD
    ฿41,280 THB
    Dec to Feb December to February
    Minimum Stay: 5 Nights
    $1,650 USD
    ฿56,760 THB
    $1,850 USD
    ฿63,640 THB
    Mar to Apr March to April
    Minimum Stay: 3 Nights
    $1,250 USD
    ฿43,000 THB
    $1,350 USD
    ฿46,440 THB
    Chinese New Year Chinese New Year
    Minimum Stay: 5 Nights
    $1,850 USD
    ฿63,640 THB
    $1,850 USD
    ฿63,640 THB
    Xmas/New Year Christmas/New Year (20-DEC/05-JAN)
    Minimum Stay: 10 Nights
    $2,500 USD
    ฿86,000 THB
    $2,500 USD
    ฿86,000 THB
    Other Special Holidays All Other Special Holidays
    Minimum Stay: 5 Nights
    $1,250 USD
    ฿43,000 THB
    $1,350 USD
    ฿46,440 THB
    Spare Bedroom Per/Night
    All Year Round
    Up to 2 guests (1 couple or 2 singles)
    $200 USD
    ฿6,880 THB
    Extra Guests Each, Per/Night
    All Year Round All Year Round $75 USD
    ฿2,580 THB

Our rental rates are based on US Dollars (USD). For information on our Thai Baht (THB) Rates, see below.

What's Included

- Private access to the villa
- Villa management, concierge
- Daily room service, linens, basic toiletries
- Chef service for breakfast, lunch OR dinner1,2,3
- Airport transfer (see below)

1 Groceries billed separately at cost plus 7% vat and 5% cooking charge (paid at the villa).

2 The chef service covers up to 8 guests (including children, excluding infants). If the group size is over 8 guests, we have an extra cooking charge of ฿1,500 THB per/day (paid at the villa).

3 Two meals a day will be cooked at the villa; Breakfast, then your choice of either an Afternoon Lunch OR an Evening Dinner

Airport Transfers

We include airport transfers (each way) by providing one minivan with driver. Additional vehicles are available at 1,200THB each, seating upto 12 guests. Note that your group's luggage requires space too, and may require an additional vehicle, at your cost.

Arrivals & Departures

You can have access to the villa from 3.00pm in the afternoon, and departures must be no later than 12.00pm (midday). If you have an early arrival or late departure requirement, please ask us if we can adjust your access times. Our decision may depend on your length of stay and will depend on any same-day departing group, or the already agreed arrival time of the next group.

Guest Ages & Infants

We define guests as :

- Infants, under 3yrs old
- Children, 3yrs or older
- Adults, 18yrs or older

We allow up to 2 infants for free. Any more than that and an Extra Guest fee applies.

Baby Cots

There are 3 basic baby cots in the villa. You can use them free of charge. In addition, there are 2 high-chairs which can be used for infants at meal times too, again, free of charge.

Spare Bedroom

Our spare seventh en-suite bedroom which can be made available if we agree to extend your group beyond the usual 12-person maximum occupancy limit. There are also times where groups of less than 12 people in total may benefit from the additional bedroom. The spare bedroom is limited to 2 guests, but can cater for a couple or two single people as there's a both a double-bed and a single-bed in the spare bedroom.

Minimum Stay

Each of the seasonal rates above show our preferred minimum number of nights stay. We can be flexible with this number when a smaller booking can fit in between other existing bookings, though we can't consider shorter stays too far in advance as that would remove our opportunity to collect a longer booking in that period.

Security Deposit

Many villas require a security deposit to be paid as part of your final payment or during check-in at the villa. In the cases where we uphold this, the deposit would be requested before your arrival/access and its return to your bank account is initiated no later than 2-weeks from your departure.

How To Book

Use our Reservations page to submit an enquiry so we can begin discussing your dates, group details and confirm your pricing. If requested, we will tentatively hold your preferred dates on our planner (if the dates are available, and without obligation) for a few days while you discuss within your group. Enquiries are closed if we have no feedback within 7 days. Tentative holds are removed if we have no feedback within 4 days. To keep your enquiry active or your tentative hold in place, all we ask is that you keep in touch.

Promotions & Discounts

There are currently no fixed promotions or discounts, however, if our reservations staff identify any opportunity or reason to discount your stay, they will let you know and offer it to you.

Payment Methods

Generally, payments are made by bank transer to our Thai bank account in USD (US Dollars). Domestic guests can also pay in THB (Thai Baht) from one Thai bank to another Thai bank. If you prefer to pay by Debit Card or Credit Card, that might be possible using PayPal, although an additional 4% processing fee is applied.

Thai Baht (THB) Rates

Our rental rates are based on US Dollars (USD). We provide the Thai Baht (THB) rate for our Domestic guests who will be paying from their Thai Bank account to our Thai Bank account in Thai Baht currency only. The exchange rate we used for the above THB rates are based on ฿34.4 THB per USD (based on mid-market rates) which can fluctuate. We last updated this value on 01-JAN-2024 (but remember, it's for guidance only). If you're a Domestic guest, your costs will be calculated based on the exchange rate at the time we are quoting/pricing your costs for you. If you're paying a Deposit first, please note that your Final Payment could have a different exchange rate applied than your Deposit.

Payment Schedule

A payment is required to confirm your stay. If your stay is 3-nights or longer, direct guests can opt to pay a Deposit and Final payment. Deposits are generally 40%, while Xmas/New Year bookings are 50%. They must be initiated no later than 7-days after confirming to us by email that you want to go ahead with your booking. Final payments are reminded to you at 2-months before arrival, and must be cleared/received by us no later than 1-month before arrival. If your stay is for less than 3-nights, or if you book inside 2-months before arrival, full payment payment is required to confirm your booking.

Cancellation Policy

All payments made are non-refundable. Making any payment to us confirms your acceptance of this policy. In the event of a cancellation request, or a request to change arrival/departure date, we will offer alternatives dates of stay, based on the following rules :-

If a cancellation request is submitted no later than 1-month before arrival, we will gladly offer a mutually acceptable alternative date of stay. Any additional costs will need to be paid by the guest, though no refunds will be made by us in the event of an overpayment due to the rescheduling. If we cannot agree on a mutually acceptable alternative date of stay, you will lose your booking and no refund will be provided.

If a request is submitted inside 1-month before arrival, we will not offer any alternative date of stay, nor any refund.

During COVID-19 we have been, and remain, extremely flexible with rescheduling due to eratic domestic and international border opening and closing.

Late Final Payments

We're very fair owners and can usually allow some flexibility with late payments. However, if you are going to be late making your final payment, you need to inform us so that we can discuss a mutually acceptable payment timeline. In the event that we've had no contact from you, or a mutually acceptable agreement on late payment has not been made, your dates will be publicly re-advertised for other groups to consider as a last-minute booking. Should another group want to take the dates, you are at risk of losing your booking and any payment already made without chance of refund or rescheduling.


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We also own a 6-Bed Private Villa in Chiang Mai called Baan Thip Chang which might be of interest if you're looking for a split-stay dual-location holiday.

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