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Food At The Villa

Food Menu

Our villa manager and chef have created this easy-to-choose food menu.

The menu excludes 7% vat, which will be added to your food bill at the end of your stay.

View/download the food menu (PDF)

Menu last updated NOV-2022

Special Dietary Restrictions

Please note that our chefs are Thai. They can cook many western/international foods, but they specialise in Thai food. This is why the villa manager has organised a Menu to choose from, with some flexibility in a-la-carte if possible. Special Dietary Restrictions such as Vegan, Vegetarians, Halal and others are something that we cannot cater for and we recommend you look elsewhere for your food during your stay, cook/prepare food for yourself in the Guest Kitchen, or, reconsider our villa as your chosen accommodation.

A La Carte

If you prefer to order a-la-carte, our chef will be happy to cook the meals of your choice. In this case, all groceries used for those meals will be charged for separately and itemised for payment at the end of your stay with come with extra service charge (5%+7% vat).

2 Meals Per/Day

Our villa staff will prepare 2 meals per/day for your group; a Breakfast and also an Afternoon Lunch OR Evening Dinner.

If you need 3 meals a day, please speak to our villa manager (at the villa during your stay) to see if it can be possible, though please be aware that due to the effort and time involved, it might not be possible every occasion.

Staff are available 7.00am to 10.00pm, excluding 2.00pm to 4.00pm where they take a long rest-break.

Breakfasts begin at 8.00am.

Dietary Restrictions

Before your stay, please let us know if you have any food items that you need our chef to avoid for your meals.

Large Groups

The chef service covers up to 8 guests (including children, excluding infants). If the group size is over 8 guests, there is an extra cooking charge of ฿1,500 THB per/day (paid at the villa) to cover additional costs.

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